12 Gluten Free Snacks for Travel


Having a snacks are a great idea for travel, so you always have something ready. Sure you can buy things on board the plane or in the airport, but you never know when you might have a flight delayed and your dashing through the airport to try and make it to the next flight.

Your plane could get stuck on the tarmac the the flight attendants are not able to get up and bring food or water to you. This could also happen if there is turbulence during flight. So if you’re prepared with a few snacks and water you will always be ready. You won’t be hungry and if you are traveling with children they won’t be hungry. It’s important when traveling to make sure children eat on a regular basis and keep their blood sugars level stays even, hopefully avoiding meltdowns and tantrums 🙂

Here are 12 easy foods that are Gluten Free and Dairy Free and do not require refrigeration that are easy to bring traveling with you on the plane or in a car.

Lara bars, Cliff bars, turkey sticks, kind bars, Sahale snacks, gluten free pretzels, GoPicnic (sold in airports for $7-9 a meal and amazon $4.99 each for a pack of six for $22- $26 depending on what style you want. I personally really like the Vegetarian packs that are gluten free, but the salami and cheese is gluten free if you can do dairy.

Other options include gluten free jerky, trail mix, fruit and you can add nut butter – Justin’s is a great brand, with small portable packets. I like to use them for fruit and gluten free pretzels.

Other options that are great for travel is Turitt Family Foods single serve hummus packets (made in Oregon,) available in bulk on amazon, I originally found it at Cost plus world market and Amazon has them for about $4.50 for a pack of 4 individual servings when you buy a six pack. They are shelf stable, individual containers and super handy and easy for snacking on the plane. Because of the small size, I didn’t have a problem with carrying them through security at the airport.

Just make sure if you are shopping for snacks and are Gluten sensitive or intolerant to carefully read labels or contact the manufacturing company directly before purchasing.

If you prefer whole food options, consider bringing fresh fruit, trail mix, nuts, nut butters, fresh gluten free bread, and fresh lunch meat. Consider when bringing meats or cheese to consume in a timely fashion to prevent spoilage. I generally eat no processed foods, but will bring prepackaged healthy foods such as the ones that I have recommended when I am traveling for a long time, sometimes my flights will be 2-4 hours each with layovers in between. Because I often travel with children, I always like to be prepared with several food options knowing that I may not be able to find food to fit our sensitivities in the airport.

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