Five Things You are Missing from Carry-On Luggage

By October 12, 2016Travel Tips, Uncategorized

carry-on-luggageThere are a few comfort tips I have picked up after twenty years of flying on airplanes and that having these five items in addition to the “obvious” personal items you might choose to bring on your trip.

Water bottle with filter – fill up inside security and avoid chlorine and other bad tastes my favorite one that I use is this one and love it.

Disinfecting wipes – don’t have to worry about putting through TSA liquids. I use keep two travel packs, one of The Wet One’s or similar brand. I use these for hands before eating, getting on and off the plane to try and cut down on germs. Then I also have a pack of Lysol disinfecting wipes, these are for the arms and head rest on the seats, I also wipe the recline button, tray table latch, and tray table. Because airplanes can have poor air circulation I try to wipe away as many germs as possible. You can use liquid forms and as long as you keep it under 3.4 ounces, your totally fine. Here is my post on a natural cleaning spray that can be used in the car, traveling or around the house.  

If your are interested in Natural Solutions for Disinfecting click here for a blog post with information of natural disinfection with essential oils the ones that I use, since I realize that different people are interested in a variety of solutions.

Snacks – forget that $8 snack pack, you can easily pack snacks that are portable tasty and fit your diet. Think protein, carb, fruit and portable, There are a lot of options out there from ready made protein bars, to chips, to single serve hummus containers. With food sensitivities I much prefer to save time and money by bringing my own snacks. This is especially helpful if you take an unexpected flight delay and are stuck on the plane or in the boarding area. Also by packing my own snacks it means my children do not have to be hungry while waiting for the in-flight service to start.

Gluten Free snack ideas are fresh fruit, hummus with fresh vegetables, protein bars, fresh salami and cheese, or jerky. There are many options available with just a quick trip to the store on an Amazon order. 

Entertainment – for yourself and others. I love to pack my kindle, because I have hundreds of books at the touch of a button. I have both books for myself and children’s books on it for when I need a quick way to entertain the children by reading them a story. Smart phones and tablets are also a great choice, but I love the long battery life on the kindles and it makes them great for travel and you do not run down the battery on your smart phone or tablet for reading. 

Zip-up sweater or wrap – forget struggling with bulky sweaters & pullovers. Full zip-up sweater are easier to get on and off when crammed into the seat of an airplane or Pashmina wrap can go on your torso or over your lap, or rolled up for a pillow for you or your child. Airplanes are notorious for being cold, so come prepared. I also love a good Pashmina Scarf they are great for wrapping around your shoulders, neck or putting in your lap. I have even used it to cover up the children when they are asleep. 

Want to read about 4 more great items to put in your carry-on that will keep you traveling smoothly Click here to read part 2 to this post.

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