Kids Snack Boxes for Travel

By April 15, 2016February 14th, 2019Parenting, Travel Tips

snack-boxes-2We had a car trip planned to Seattle and were leaving super early so I needed to make sure we had a variety of snacks for the four hour trip. There is a lot of options for snacks and food when you are driving, but I wanted to make sure that I had healthy options that my kids with food allergies were able to eat and the food did not need refrigeration and was good for our three day trip.

I used two utility boxes at our local store in the fishing section. The Plano Brand – connectable Satchel with handle. The box comes with dividers to make it adjustable for what type of snacks you put into the box. Before purchasing, I checked the recycle number on the back, which was a number 5 and it is Bpa free, you can read more about container types Here.

Since it was a road trip, I tried to keep the food selection healthy but a little fun. Here are the Gluten Free & Dairy Free Snacks I packed:

Fruit leathers, Z-bars, Luna Bars, single serve wrapped no nitrate turkey stick, cinnamon apple chips, Annie Bunnies, gluten free pretzels, Roasted Sunflower Seeds, Fruit juice sweetened cranberries, trail mix, and just for a small treat some organic caramel corn.

The night before  leaving my youngest child wasn’t feeling well so were going to stay home, but later that morning he felt fine so we jumped a flight up on our stand by ability to meet up with my husband 🙂 The snack boxes fit perfectly into my large carry on bag and they children had snacks for the airplane and the car trip back home. The kids were delighted to have their own snack boxes that had healthy options and they could decided what they wanted to have during each snack time. I plan on using these for car trips, airplane travel and camping – they were a hit!

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