Spring Fling Essential Oil Room Spray

By May 2, 2017March 27th, 2019Diffuser Blends

Looking for a refreshing all-natural room spray with essential oils that that has a fresh springtime scent.

I just love it when Spring finally arrives! The daffodils are blooming and the days are finally growing longer and I really enjoy that deep cleaning in my house and getting ready for longer better weather.

doTERRA Citrus essential oils are great for freshening the air in your home or your car. They can be used for cleaning, refreshing, and detoxifying your home.



Essential Oil
Spring Fling Room Spray

2o drops Lemon
2o drops Grapefruit
2o drops Lime

Combine in 20 drops of each essential oil and put into a glass spray bottle and top with water. Due to the potency of essential oils, they should be stored in glass containers. When using them for cleaning and spays store in a glass bottle, preferably one that is colored to prevent sunlight from fading the potency of the oils. I like these blue glass bottles for using with the essential oils.

This same recipe is great in your diffuser with 2 drops of each essential oil. Also, you can put one drop of each in your water for a refreshing drink. You can add it to carbonated water for a healthy effervescent drink.



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